Today was a hard day at the office…  the Holiday season is here and most business owners want SEO marketers to weave magic wands and make their businesses both noticed and important at the same time with the wisk of the wrist…

Sorry dudes, that is not going to happen.

One of the most important things that SEO marketers should be aware of and let their clients be aware of at the same time is the fact that SEO, like anything else, takes TIME.  While creating a listing, outsourcing several processes along the way and even setting up a citation blast is something that can be done quite easily, creating a long standing presence, making your business open and available for everyone takes time.

Quantity vs. Quality

One of the biggest problems I see on everyday basis is that SEO “experts” and “gurus” offer their clients huge amounts of “boom!” when you should not “boom” but “pace”.  Putting it in another way, if your business is not online today and tomorrow it is all over the internet, it is quite evident that you are in a hurry and that you might not be offering the best service/product out there.

Creating a marketing campaign, both online and offline is best when you take it slow.  Every business wants to be as popular as Pepsi and Coke, but they have had decades of marketing behind them.  their holiday campaigns are a tradition by now.  I am not saying that you cannot have this, of course you can!  But it takes…. Time!

In this case, quality is of the utmost importance.  Making sure that your presence online is strong and steady is the key.  Are you in a holiday rush?  There is definitely something that can be done!  Of course, it is a temporary measure that will cease to act effectively once the holiday season is over…

a) promote, B) Promote 3) PROMOTE

No, not a typo.  Sit down and consider what kind of holiday offers can you make and stand with during the holidays?  Perhaps an additional discount if people refer more people? Perhaps a “gift” with a specific purchase or stating a special code?  Maybe a scavenger hunt that will render a special gift card?

Next have your SEO specialist help you with the whole deal… Press releases, citation blasts , social media accounts are just some of the many ways in which a special offer can be promoted.

This action will certainly give you a strong boost for the holiday season, but it will last ONLY through the holiday season.  The next step is to plan and create a paced and calmed SEO marketing plan.

One of the things I cannot say I am is a savant.  As such, I am learning constantly, perfecting and improving everything I know each day as both the day and the weeks progress…  New things come out and old things fade into the back side of the internet, as you know, nothing is actually deleted, it is just stored somewhere dark, just like a Stephen King novel.

Learning is always pleasant…. when you have the right teacher.    Business owners like us just do not have the time to sit down and browse through the gazillion and three sites and potential learning places to find the right one that will teach us how to do this thing that we need to do.  It does not matter if it is learning any special program from the office package, something from our Macs or something from or for internet websites.

The fact that we do not have the time does not mean that we cannot or do not need it.  We need it and that is the reason we are not so willing to, but made to the idea of wasting hours if not days looking for the information.  This is when a consultant comes in handy.

Aren’t there many consultants?

Yes, sadly nowadays anyone can call him or herself a consultant.  So how to distinguish the good from the bad?  Consultants come out from established companies or work as part of consolidated companies so a simple query on the company that stands behind them would suffice.

For instance, this blog and all of the staff members of this blog work with the support of local site submit, so all you need to do is a query and find out why we are the number 1 .

So what will a consultant do for me?

The right consultant will guide you through the Search Engine Optimization process, which is the spinal cord for the perfect Internet Marketing campaign.  Being knowledgeable on these processes and being there for you at every step of the way as well as having the time to explain to you the process and understanding or solving ideas, suggestions and doubts is also part of the job for the right consultant.

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Imagine this scenario:  A young person in your home town needs YOUR service or product.  But he or she does not know your name, so what they will do?  They will log into the internet, go to a search engine and type the generic name of the product or service and click “search”.  The Search engine will provide them with a long list of results from exact matches to not-exact matches.
Now, if your business does not have a website, then you cannot even begin to think that you might actually get business from people browsing the web, but you can.  Only in México, our next door neighbor, there are 37 million surfers and this is a country that does not have a high percentage of computers per household.  Imagine in OUR country, imagine in YOUR hometown!  If you are not in the internet, you are loosing a tremendous amount of business opportunities….
It might be that your business -already- has a website, but still you do not see much benefit from actually having this… why?  Because it is not enough to have the space in there.  A website needs to be listed in local directories and search engines…. Otherwise the chances of it actually being in a search engine result or a local directory request are minimal!
But that is not all there is to it.  When a person does a request on information, about 45-65% of the people doing the research will never pass out page one on the results.  This means that they will either make a choice for the service or product that they are looking for within the top 10 results OR they will conduct another search with a different keyword or try for a different service/product. 
Most of us, when we seek for something in particular in the internet, is because we have a 90% intention of “closing the deal” which means actually buying or hiring the service, but since we are not going past the first 10 results, those businesses that offer their products and services on the rest of the pages -even if they are far better or price friendly than the ones on the top- are likely to get the least number of business from the net.
Therefore, the better you “rank” in a search engine or local directory query, the higher your business transactions from the internet will be.

You probably have noticed that everyday and every where there is a constant growth of technological savants.  Each day more and more people venture to buy a tablet, and ipod, an iphone, blackberry or other brand of versatile, highly technological cellular device.

This vast diversity of technological appliance are intended to expand the world as we know it.  Geographical barriers are still there, do not be decoyed by it, but they are on physical plains and we have moved –as a species- into a new world, a new dimension.

This new dimension provides a new way in which people communicates and actually conducts business.  Therefore it is of the utmost importance for you to expand your marketing goals and logistic and venture into the internet.

But venturing into the internet is far more than just creating a website.  Your website should be known by people, regarded as an authority on the subject (regardless if you offer a service or a product), and it needs to be accessible to everyone.

There are many books and panflets, online webinars and offline seminars that offer you “the keys” to a successful SEO business.  How to tackle SEO, what to do, to whom, when and how…

When you talk to a company that deal with the perfect SEO, much can be said both positive and negative when it comes to the way they carry out SEO, to these folks can be done easily with just a few minutes a day.  Yet, if you are striving and looking to increase and improve your business transactions, sometimes a “few minutes a day” is precisely what you do not have.  The best alternative is to hire an SEO company, a group of people who have devoted years to the perfection is the delicate veil in internet marketing and search engine optimization ensuring that the competition for the coveted “top 10 position on queries” stays open and fair.
Having someone take care of your SEO needs and making sure that your business’ SEO is done properly will allow you to focus on what is really important: Your business and your life.
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